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This post is long, so if you don't want to details, just wait for the photos.

I have started a new phase of testing to go along with our current testing. This time we are testing Zaino AIO, Z2, Z5, Z6 vs. Meguiars NXT 2.0, vs. Liquitech Finish First, vs. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. This time the test is only to compare how well each product can protect the surface from contaminants, specifically dust, dirt, and road grime.

Here in NV, we have very sticky dirt. In fact, after washing my Durango today, I had to rewash it since there were still dirt patches on the vehicle, and even after the second wash, there was a little dirt sticking to the surface of the paint that I had to wipe off. The goal with this test is to find a product that can provide a nice slick surface so that dust, dirt, etc does not stick to the paint. It's literally a PITA to wash the Durango after driving through the deserts of NV, but the hood (which we have been using as a test panel for some time now) is very easy to keep clean. So, our goal is to figure out if there are any differences in each product when it comes to dirt, road grime, etc sticking to the paint.

Once again, I am NOT going to reveal which product is on which panel until the test is over. I am hoping we can get some interest in this study and some feedback, but I will continue to test products regardless of the interest because I know there are people out there who are probably interested in the results, or they will be once all of the studies get indexed on google.

I have some nice white patches to use to test each panel so that we can compare them and see which one has more dirt. I will also be providing a ton of photos. I have set up each panel next to a control panel so that we can see them right next to the control.


2 washes with Dawn liquid soap.

Clay bar with Dawn liquid soap and water as the lubricant.

Each product will be applied based on their own product recommendations, but I will be applying equal amount of coats of each product.

Zaino: 1 coat of Zaino AIO. Let sit for 2 hours. 1 coat of Zaino Z2, let sit for 2.5 hours. Applied Zaino Z6 and allowing 2 hours before applying the Z5. ( Z5, which I am going to allow to set overnight)

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax: 3 coats of wax, but will be adding more as I add more Zaino.

LiquiTech Finish First: 2 Coats of Polish, and will be adding another one when I add the Zaino Z5 to the other zone and allowing it to also sit overnight.

Meguiars NXT 2.0: 3 Coats so far, but will be adding more.

Here is how I sectioned off each side of the vehicle.

The zones are as follows: Zone 1 and Zone 2 from rear of vehicle and passenger side or drivers side. I hope that makes sense.



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I think this will be very interesting. A product that will help prevent dirt from sticking to the paint.

Thanks Bob

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Great stuff Bob, I look forward to this set of tests.
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