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well this is just sad....

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i mean, we must have some members in nj that would love to have a meet and greet. i see too many bird driving around for this not to happen. even though the last thread about this failed (no need to use the search
) i deff think this is viable. so...whos in?
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Keep trying.

Getting people together isn't easy. Pick a solid date and place. promote it best you can and with some luck, you can get some folks to show up.

For me, Jersey is not too terribly far. Few hours. But I am booked very solid through most of the fall, and then before long my bird will be nested for winter.
I agree it would be nice. Personally I have a very full schedule. Plus still flood recovering. And it is looking more and more like my car is now mostly put away for winter. It was just one of those bad years.
Thanks. I am hoping for a better year next year for enjoying the car. Maybe some better weather too.

If you plan something for next year, post it up and if things work out I would love to make it.
One issue is many believe they have to take their cars to meet. This isn't true. Bring the Daily Driver. Just get together.

but also keep in mind this has been one very difficult year for many. Myself included. Probably one of the worst in my life. Even local clubs and gatherings suffered a lot this year.

hang in there. Better times will come. and everyone must get past the part where their bird is on the road and running. If I can't take mine, my daily driver will get me there.

Just with my job my schedule gets booked months in advance. then add trying to flood recover on top of it. I simply don't have time to sleep anymore, yet try and get to a car show. I even missed out on Hershey AACA only 5 miles from me.
We've all had it rough. A meet is a nice way to get away from it all though. Stress relief.
Like I said, a good idea, but I am booked very solid through early January right now. No days off at all.
hey man, i understand. no pressure at all if thats how it came off.
Don't feel pressured. LIke I said, if you try again spring, I will try and set asside the time. I might need to know by January your spring plans.

I have a crazy career.
lmao it seems like none of us have our damn cars on the road for one reason or another
Keep in mind, you do not have to take your car to get together.
agreed. especially considering some people have projects that wont be on the road for years. admittedly, it would look kinda funny to have a firebird meet and no firebird. lol
not really.

I attended a local club picnic this year. as always, it was raining. So everyone drove their daily drivers and left the classics home in the garge.

we had our get together under the pavillion with not one classic car. But we had a great time.
Who cares what anyone thinks. same with that picnic. our banner was posted up as a classic car club, and not one classic. Did we care? nope.

If you have something this spring, and I can make it, I likely will try and bring the bird.
I hosted the FBNCC National GTG East last year in Carlisle at the ALL GM Nationals.

Only 1 showed.

But, I am not one to give up easily.
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