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well this is just sad....

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i mean, we must have some members in nj that would love to have a meet and greet. i see too many bird driving around for this not to happen. even though the last thread about this failed (no need to use the search
) i deff think this is viable. so...whos in?
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I'd like to hang out... but I don't even drive my car any more. I work six days/60 hours a week. I have virtually no time left for anything but fixing stuff around the house on Sunday. It's a shame, because I have what is potentially a 9-second, 140MPH Formula sitting in my garage, and never get to take it to the track. All the SFI-rated parts, harness, etc. have long since expired and need to be recertified.

Spending a few hours a week on this site, helping others with their rides is about as much as I have time for, but it keeps me in touch with the car crowd. In addition, I'm older than dirt, and I doubt most of the younger guys would enjoy having me around.

For NJ members, one of the most active F-Body clubs is the NJFBOA - New Jersey F-Body Owners Assoc. Here's their website:

Tends to be heavy with 3rd Gen owners, but 1st, 2nd and 4th are present. They have monthly meetings, and have local chapters that meet in north, central and south Jersey. They sponsor an F-Body event at Island Dragway each year.
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