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I replaced the TPS sensor, Still comes on. ONLY WHEN COASTING! Is there a special way to put the sensor in?
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Sounds like you may have a short somewhere in the wiring or a bad PCM.
The wires going to the TPS are bare, right at the plugin, would that be the cause of it?
Ya, that can certainly be the cause. I would fix them, reset the PCM, and then see if it goes away.
Fix them as in wrapping tape around them? lol, or buy a new plug. I believe i can get one at work for around 30 bucks
Alright, to reset the pcm i can just pull the battery cable off correct?
Good news! i went out and wrapped the wires. they are worse than i thught lol. and pulled the ECM/Batt fuse, and drove it. I coasted for about 2 miles, and no light! So i hope this worked lol, ill know for sure going to school tomorrow. Thanks Bob.
Great news, please update us tomorrow and if it's fixed, we can move this to the resolved issues forum.
Well, i drove it to school today, and it stayed off for the longest time. but i was about a mile from school, and i was coasting around a corner, and it came on. Im gonna see if i cant tape it a little better, cause i taped it last night around midnight lol.
I believe its fixed. I drove it yesterday and today, and it hasent came on. Of course, i havent coasted much, but it usually comes on when im in too high of a gear and coasting, so im hoping its fixed!!
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Im bringing this one back to life Bob. lol I went out and bought a new plug, got it sodered on and taped up and plugged it in and resetted the PCM. Drove it around about 10 miles, and the light came on. I have noticed while the lights on, if im crusing about 60 MPH, and i coast for a little, and i hit the gas about half way, it wont gradually accellerate like it should. It jerks all at once then accelerates. Is there any other way to put the TPS one? I couldnt find one lol. I know i dont need it off to pass inspection, but ill feel better that there isnt anything wrong with my car. Thanks. Also this is the second TPS sensor i've put on.
after i said it was fixed the first time it started to screw up again. so i guess it was never fixed lol
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