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Torker 2 intake

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Can someone tell me if they're running e_heads and a torker 2 intake on their second generation firebird formula? I'm just wondering will it fit under my hood I have a 455 in my 1979 formula firebird. Talk to Butler performance about this and they would not give me an answer so now I don't know if I should purchase the heads and intake, anybody have any answers would be much appreciated on this issue.Thanks
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I got the E-Heads, E-Carb and Torker II on my 73 w/Formula Hood. Had to use one those spectre intakes to get the clearance I needed.
So you are saying the Torker 2 will fit with out any modifications?
You will need a drop base air cleaner
I have Torker 2 on a 76 formula with a Holley Stealth sniper EFI with a drop base filter. No issues.
Thanks 👍
I ran one on my 75 TA. The shaker had to be modified to work but, it fit under the hood. I now run a Victor intake. This is the pic with my Torker 2. Cut the bottom off and welded a drop base to it. View attachment 233202
Thanks..... It looks like you have manual brakes, I don't see a power booster in the picture, can you tell me if you like the manual brake setup?
I made 675 hp in that video.
Wow, that's a lot of HP.... what cam are you running,it sounds awesome 👍
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