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steering column question

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So I replaced the turn signal return mechanism under my steering wheel and put things back together. Now if I go to use my turn signal that whole section on my steering column moves. Obviously something is not lined up. Any ideas..
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You didnt unscrew the 3 screws all the way and take them out did you? If so thats your issue. There is a collar lock that the screws screw into, with 3 preload springs that keep the assembly all together till you tighten up the screws. you will need to remove the whole assembly, put the springs back on the bolts, and screw them back to the lock plate. Only a few threads. Install it as an assembly on the column tube, rotate till it locks, then tighten the screws back down and the column will be locked and tight again. I just rebuilt my column and learned the procedure after looking how it was intended to be assembled.
Hey keykeeper,

Yes I did take the 3 screws completely out. Thanks for the help. I will pull the mechanism and give it another try.
All fixed. Didn't take long at all. Pulled the wheel and lined up the section, tightened the 3 screws and bang! :rockindude:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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