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Schaeffer & Long Inc.

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Schaeffer & Long Inc.

Antique Auto Restoration and Custom Car Building

38 Years in Business Restoring Everything from Concourse Quality Cars to Custom Street Rods

210 Davis Road, Magnolia, New Jersey 08049


I have driven by this place many times and didn't even know this place was there, their sign is sitting in the garage. Today, the garage door was open and a 1920's ford pickup was sitting there and you could see additional cars further back in the building. Since I had my firebird binder in the car, I decided to stop. Place is packed with old cars, 4 or 5 workers that I could see, and lots of heavy equipment and tools. I spoke to Kevin, the body and paint guy for about 20 minutes about my car, seemed very knowledgeable, and some of the 'old' timers came out to look at the pics as well. Currently they have a lot of pre-1920 brass cars in there, but they do muscle cars as well. We discussed a camaro they restored and were pointing out all the typical rust areas that they found which he then flipped through the pictures and pointed out on my car.

I think I may give these guys a shot when it is time to have the body work done.
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