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Hi all. My drivers door is sagging badly, the lower hinge pin has worn way through the bushing and gone oval.

I would like to get the doors aligned before commencing on the body prep for paint to make sure all the body swages and shut-lines are correct. I know it will mean dropping the doors twice (again when paint applied) bit the paint has to be 100%

Can I ask your opinion as to re-manufactured hinges vs original? There is so many things wrong with mine;

LHS top - missing spring, roller and bushes

LHS bottom - missing bushes, oval holes

RHS top - missing spring and roller

RHS bottom - OK actually!

I figured on getting a set of 4 new hinges from D&R (the postage is the same to the UK as a pin set!) Then I read that aligning was way worse than swapping he springs and bushes. What do you think? I watched the Youtube video of the guy compressing a wonky spring in a bench vice and it made me squirm!

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I'd get the new door hinges. If your having a shop do the work, they should know how to do the job correctly.

If your doing the job yourself, it's not too difficult to get the door aligned. Just keep working at it until you get it right. An assistant makes the job easier.

I use a hydraulic floor jack with padding on the lift plate as my assistant. There's adjustment of up and down, as well as in and out, that you must get right.

It's also important that front fenders are in correct alignment also. On some cars it's easier to work on hinges if front fenders are off. 3rd gen is example of such a car. It's fenders are then aligned to door.
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