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Hey Guys ...

Got most of my parts back to start reinstalling my headers. I figured I would use this opportunity to refresh things that came off or that I had easy access to. One of those things were the valve cover gaskets. I noticed when I pulled them off and also at looking at the inside of my valve covers that the retaining stud had etched an arc into the bottom of the valve covers. Not sure what to think of it so I figured I would ask those who know more ..

is it something that should make me look at taller VC's and if so any suggestions??

maybe grind down that portion of the rr stud thats causing this but that feels like trouble in the making

I am almost positive they are Comp Cam RR ...I know they are 1.6's

BTW - I am shopping for new plug wires so any thoughts on those would be great ... I typically buy Magencor but considering other options as well..


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