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Replacing electric antenna on the cheap..

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I'm sure this has been played through dozens of times but I'm new to the forum this is my experience today...
I bought the car a couple weeks ago and I could hear the antenna buzzing but it wasn't working. I just decided to buy a new antenna. I looked at hawks performance as I bought a few little trincklets there already. They offered a factor replacement which I think was refurbished or used for $125 and a
44-pw22 "made in China" universal antenna for $79..
I found the same part number on Amazon for $48 and I actually got a used one in new condition or whatever they call it for $38...
So to make it it as factory as possible I reused the factory drain tube but had to use a little zip tie around it as the tube coming out of the new Chinese electric antenna was a little smaller. Then the L bracket that bolts to the bottom of the antenna need a little spacing as the holes were a little further apart on the Chinese antenna but just wallering out the holes to the outside a little bit made it fit.
Then I kind of went DEFCON 5 to make the outer grommet fit on the new antenna. The original garment was a lot larger and if I would have used one of the aftermarket ones they would have been like a paint ring around it new ring because it's smaller and the old one that's been on there for 28 years. So in order to make that one work I had to lop off the factory inside and I'll point out in the picture exactly where I did right at the end of that little stub sticking down. You don't want to go any further than that because the inner ring needs to be able to go over the new antenna.
Also I'll include a picture of how I transferred the wires over and which colors go to which colors.
Also you end up with two male connections so I just ordered a female to female adapter for another 10 bucks..
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How did it come out?

Nice work on the wire splicing, by the way. Heat shrink is often overlooked, but especially important in places like trunks of cars.
Yes I absolutely love those solder filled shrink wrap butt connections.... I actually did my entire power wagon with them when I did a new wiring harness. Absolutely love them...
I thought I would bench test it with my power supply and that turned out to be a big massive fiasco.... Antenna shot out didn't have the cap on it it was all in pieces and then back together again a couple times lol the things going every which way...
Word to the wise just install the damn thing don't try and bench test it LOL...
Anyways got it in and there was people reporting that it didn't go down all the way but I think at that point you just push it down the rest of the way or cycle it a couple more times and it works fine.
It's extremely noisy but only when it's going up and down. When it goes up it extends all the way then make some more clicking and popping and grinding noises LOL and then the same thing when it goes down once it's down it does some popping and clicking and grinding noises and down... You wonder how long it will last doing that but in the end it works...
The nice part about doing the modification and taking parts from the old one is I can switch these Chinese readily available electric antennas quite quickly now ..
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