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Very happy about this. I replaced all eight tail light sockets and bulbs and my fuel guage fell from "over full" where it has sat for *years* to 1/2 tank immediately when I turned the key after repair. I drove to 1/8th tank and filled up, 14.2 gallons (about a gallon left in tank), I think that's about right.

Haven't looked in the service manual, but the two systems must share a ground or something.

Maybe it's coincidence and I'll take it for now if that's the case. ...but if not, i'm glad i didn't replace the fuel pump/sender assembly last March.

...nice to have properly functioning trun signals and brake lights too. :)

My long list of work is down to a valve job, paint job, dash cover, and blinker/high beam/wiper mechanism.
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I think this is one of my problems also.

Evan before I swapped the fuel pump. (Now the car runs)

the fuel gauge read over full.

and I have blinker/light problems (on the list of repairs and now moving closer to the top)

maybe that will help the fuel gauge.

Thanks to

ZumpTA and Sea Dog
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