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quick question.

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What is powercoating exactly?
What does it do?
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Pete, could power coating, be on rims? Like smoking out the rims? Would it look the same? And austin, all the other (the one) has nothing to do with pistons.
Although I could be wrong.
Ohhhhhh. Whoops..sorry:)

By smoke I mean like when you smoke tail lights, make em dark. I don't know if it's actually called smoking. Brut I like it.
How much do you think that would be?
I would like my rims powDer coated, can I send it to you tire on the rim? Haha. It won't be for awhile anyway.
Sf California?
And Zippy, are you gonna fill in your ink? Or keep it an outline?
I like "from a box" more.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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