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quick question.

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What is powercoating exactly?
What does it do?
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It's a way painting, sort of, it's more durable than just spraying paint onto something. Most wheels are powdercoated, almost all engine parts that look painted, like intake manifolds, are powdercoated. There is a powder, of the color you want blown onto the piece, then it's baked on to form a paint-like finish. Pretty sure that's not exact, but gives a rough idea.

Edit: Here ya go...
Well, I was assuming he meant powdercoating, seeing as how it was in the powdercoating section.
He said what he did because you keep typing "power coating", it's really "powder coating", he was right about that. But yes, not sure what you mean by "smoking them", but pretty much anything that could done with paint can be achieved with powdercoating. Most rims from the factory are powdercoated anyways, paint wouldn't hold up to the abuse a wheel sees every day as well as powdercoating.
Ya, that would just be powdercoating them black or gray, totally doable.
Give Zippy a PM for a price if you want to get it done, he owns "Bandit Powdercoat"(the vendor who's forum you're in), I don't know offhand how much any type of powdercoating is.
He's based in Canada, anywhere outside of the US will be high shipping. And btw Zippy, your motto is different in your sig and on your site, sig is "from a box", website is "in a box", no idea why I noticed that, just saw it and realized it.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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