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Our Newest Site Sponsor, Bandit Powder Coat

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Please welcome our first site sponsor, Bandit Powder Coating! Please feel free to ask any and all questions about their products in this forum.
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Thx Bob. It was in a catagory even I couldnt see it LOL.

Like the title says, any Q's about Powder Coating, feel Free to ask. I would prefer to not give quotes on the forum, because each job is charged independant. I have basic price structure, But, I feel that the customer deserves to only be charged for what I acctually do to their items. Some give me totally greasy, banged up relics of items, and say, Make em pretty. Well, thats gona cost ALOT more than someone who takes the time, cleans, and maybe even media Blasts their items before sending to me. Just like a body shop. Theres alot of prep work in Powdercoating, but the customer can save some $ by doing some prep themselves
What is powdercoating...??? I'm shure you can tell us all the benifits and basically how it's done..??

Powder Coating, is pretty much as it sounds. Coating with Powder.

Now, more specifically, it is a more Durable, environmentally friendly Painting process. In essence, its a powder, that gets applied to the part, then baked in an oven,. the heat melts, flows then chemically reacts and bonds the coating to the substrate. Making a tougher coating than just regular paint.

I will now copy an excerpt from my webs FAQ's, mainly because I am way to tired to type it all out again LOL. Hope it answers some questions at least

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is actually tiny particles of plastic formulated in various colors and special finishes that is applied by spraying it on the surface and then baked. Almost any color can be made in finishes such as texture, wrinkles, hammertones, glitters and transparent. Not all colors come in all finishes, but there is enough variety to choose from to fit everyone's needs.

What is the difference between Powder coating and Paint?

The main difference between the two coatings is the durability. Powder coating will take more road abuse with out chipping or marring the finish. As with any type of finish, it will not last forever, but the longevity of powder is much more than a coat of paint. TIP: FOR LONGER LASTING FINISH, YOU SHOULD HAVE THE POWDER COATING CLEAR COATED TO HELP PROTECT THE BASE COLOR.

Can anything be powder coated?

Powder can be applied to any clean surface that will handle approximately 425 degrees. After the powder is applied, it has to be baked to cure it so it has the durability that is expected.

Can you powder coat directly over chrome plating?

In most cases the answer is yes. As long as the chrome plating is not blistering, pitted or peeling it will work. A good chrome plate will not be affected by the high temperature needed to cure the powder coat and the adhesion will be fine providing it is prepared properly. A good shiny chrome surface is an excellent base for finished like transparent which needs a shiny surface underneath to allow the transparent finish to shine.

Can powder coating be painted or airbrushed over with designs?

Yes. You can put your own designs or pictures on the powdered surface and then clear coat your graphics.

Is powder available in other protective coatings?

Yes. Powder coating comes in different base materials such as Epoxies, Polyesters & Hybrids. Each material has its own properties to protect against certain chemicals and even natural sun light. There is even a material made for marine use. Salt water and salt air are probably one of the worst environments for the cause of corrosion. There is a special formulation of powder that will help fight against those elements. We know the finish will not last forever, but if this coating is applied properly, it will outlast any painted surface.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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