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Ordering online has been a challenge for me learning all the different ways they list stuff.
I wanted to order the rear swaybar bushing kit for the 13/16 swaybay that is on my car so after talking and looking i ordered kit 71120BL. I didnt understand what exactly was ment by one or two bolt. Turns out mine is the one bolt clamp for the link. The two bolt clamp has a much smaller bushing. I should of ordered a 71125 by Prothane or a 3.5124 kit by Energy Suspension.
I now have this $31.00 kit that isnt worth the hassle of a return and so far they havent been able to price me the bushings only i need.
Anyone have a need for the two bolt 13/16 rear swaybar kit, i have some hippie gold here willing to sell or trade.
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