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First, make sure your checking the correct fuse. The one you want is in the ip fuse box, fuse number 13. It's the ip dimmer fuse. If fuse is good, turn on lights and see if fuse has battery voltage on it. Fuse is only powered when light switch is on. If no power there then go to next paragraph.

If car does not have daytime running lights, see if you have battery voltage at light switch at cavity H of connector. It's a orange wire. Then turn light sw on and see if there's battery power at cavity C. It's a brown wire.

Next go to ip dimmer, it's right next to light switch. With lights on see if you have power at cavity A. Again a brown wire. power leaves dimmer on cavity D, dark green wire that goes to fuse 13. power leaves fuse 13 on gray wire and goes to splice 224, where it branches off into 8 gray wires that feed all dim able lights.

Splice 224 is in the ip wire harness about 2 inches from instrument cluster break out.

Forgot to add that taillight fuse number 10 in ip fuse box supplies light switch with power that goes to fuse 13 via the headlight switch. So fuse 10 & 13 must both be good to have instrument lights.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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