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1986, T/A, 305. Named "Bird"
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Hey, Y'all. I just bought a 1986 Trans Am about a month ago, for $1500. It sat for 13 years on the dot with a bad distributor and no battery. My grandfather and I put new spark plugs and a new distributor on it, along with the dead battery that came with it, and it started right up within 4 days.

It's a beautiful white, with some surface rust on the top. I'm thinking of painting it a new color, or keeping the white. I definitely want the rust off at some point. Just havent gotten around to it because of me starting a new job. I'm planning on making this car into something out of an 80's teen's dream. I may disappear and reappear as time comes. But, I'll do my best with how the car's coming along

(ignore my cousin and grandfather in the pictures lol)
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