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Hi all!

After years away from the car scene, my wife finally agreed to a new toy for me and my teenage son, so we bought a rust free 1989 Trans Am with 86 k, 305 TBI. (L03 I believe is the code.)

Overall good shape, deep clean and tighten up a few things and good to go for now.

Murphys Law - get it home after a 120 mile drive at 70 mph on the highway without a problem, at night, and one headlight did not go down.

Spent a lot of time reading the old posts - I can hear the motor turning, and went to the front and see the motors turning - so they are OK.

I then saw the posts on the "Pucks" disintegrating and saw the kit on Hawks.

Was about to order that, and went out to the car after seeing another post stating a "light touch" can activate the light (pop up) without turning them on, for lens replacement, etc.

I tried that to see what happens and the working side (driver) popped up without the light on. Pressed OFF and BOTH closed - !!

Have been able to open and close both 3 times since.....but my gut tells me something is still wrong.

I am thinking replace the switch. Doubtful the expensive module is the problem, right? What would you suggest?

From there, easier questions:

1) No idea if the rear fluid ever changed - its the peg leg 2.73 I think. Good idea to change?

2) Fuel Filter - again, no idea if ever changed - worried about breaking the lines if frozen tight - leave for mechanic or any special tricks for a guy of basic do it yourself skill and basic home auto tools?

3) Driver door locks - when I hit the power lock button the driver lock does not fully engage - a little of the orange is still visible. Pasenger side locked completely. DO I need a new actuator, or switch?

4) Is there supposed to be a indicator to tell you what gear your in on the automatic? It is lit, but no indicator.

5) Power Window Switches - are they supposed to light up? Mine do not.

6) Previous owner put GTA rims on the car. Will this throw off my speedometer much and if slow, which way? ( I have the stock rims too - look to be 15")

7) IGNITION - Someone must have jumped the security PASS-KEY even though it has the chip - the Security light is lit constantly. No signs of disturbing the dash - looks tight. If I buy a new ignition cylinder/Key set with the lead from Hawk can I install this without special tools? Dont want to get in over my head.

Thats what I have found so far in a few days!

I appreciate any help provided!

Thank you-


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0) Can't advise on this one. Pop-up lights suck. Period. Less drag in the daytime, sure, freeking air-brakes when deployed at night.

1) Always good to change fluids. NEVER hurts. Get to the coolant, oil, and tranny too.

2) Not the type of metals that rust or corrode. Buy the proper tool, takes two minutes.

3) Lubricate linkage points, try again, if not fixed, replace the actuator.

4) YES! the junkyards or search Craigslist.

5) Don't think so.

6) If wheels and tires are same size / aspect, no, no issues.

7) The kick panel under the steering wheel is likely where the bypass was done, or, a module has been installed. Get a new key and barrel if you wish. ...My new ignition set lasted all of 2 years. The bypass is the smart choice. A thief can still steal a VATS protected car easily. Security measures only stop honest people.

Welcome to FBN.

Good luck with the 3rd Gen. Hope you and the boy enjoy many *many* hours together.
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