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New guy from texas

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Well I've been reading lots of stuff for awhile on this forum lots of knowledge and information. So i finally decided to join.. Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle


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Great to have you here. Nice looking bird.
Welcome to FBN ! :welcome500:

I'd like to know exactly what's been done to your TH350, to make it hold up behind a 496 stroker ??? :smile22:
Hardened intermediate sprag race, doubled up sun gear bushings. tack welded snap rings, 5 direct clutches, tight endplay, proper pump clearances and dual feeding not really a whole lot

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Welcome Nick, great to have another fellow texan around
TH350 isnt too bad, but I'd still prefer a 400 or 700R4 :) Love that deep 1st gear on a set of slicks and 4:10s
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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