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2002 Firebird Trans-Am WS6
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Hey all,

I have owned 7 Fbodys over the years, finally ended up with the one I've wanted.

Bought this car back in 2017, had some flames on the hood, but was otherwise a very clean car. I bought it, quickly wrapped the hoods to get me though the year until I could paint hood.

Since then it has a few different looks but currently :

4 front OEM C6-Z06 wheels
Front CTSV Brembo swap
Fixed all the little things :
-All new AC system,
-Pre bad glue sail panel
-20Hr paint correction and graphene coating

Car has 218,000KM but is a very clean example of a car I'm not afraid to use.

Got in touch with orignal owners for some stories old pics, he still has the GTO (redid a photo with an old friends Z28 and MR2, that Z28 motor is now in the old owners 73 Formula) and got the front plate filler from him. Found out is was daily driven even in snow lol - have a photo of it with winter rims/snows.

Car now is a summer cruiser and enjoys a posh life, its earned it.
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Welcome to Firebird Nation ! ! !

Great job soo far, bringing it back to "new".
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