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New from Illinois

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I used to have a red '69 Mach 1 in the '80s, and never lost my love for healthy V8s. So I almost bought a friend's '69 yellow Corvette. After a year of anticipation that eventually fell through, I thought "Hmm, maybe an automatic, trunk & 4 seats aren't the worst thing..." - and bought this base '79 'Bird with a pretty stout '71 YS400.

Feels like I'm cheating on my '69 Ford by switching to GM, but I always liked this body style. So here I am. :)

Super-clean NV car. Kinda minimalist, but not exactly stock. PS, PB, AC, tops, 64k on body & 4k on motor. So far, so good!

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Welcome from Chi-Town! Hope to see you around.
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