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Need some help here with engine ID!

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Hi folks!

I am getting ready to list my 72 T/A soon and I am struggling with some engine identification.

Here is what I've got:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive tire Hood Tire Wheel Automotive lighting

Date code:

Hood Automotive tire Fluid Bumper Rim

Casting number:

Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive lighting Vehicle door

Front number:

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Window Grey

Road surface Liquid Paint Wood Asphalt

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Rim Gas

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

The block stamp is where I am having issues. I was able to take off some block paint and uncover the stamp; however, it is not in perfect condition. I will attach a picture if I can, but I believe the stamp is this:
1/L 2 N? 3/8/6 8? 0 5 71

What is more confusing is that there is a SH stamp directly below the stamp and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Any insight?

Is there anyway to get some more clarification on this? The numbers do not match the VIN on the car it seems. Our car was built at Butler Performance in 1999 and there is no mention of a new block. Additionally, the date code on the block is very, very close to the build date on the PHS report. It seems likely that this is the factory block, but stamp codes don't match up.

Sorry to intrude, but I really appreciate the knowledge on this sight.


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Hello. Block casting and stamping code indicate a '72 455 4-barrel with manual transmission. Not sure what SH designates.
Hello. Block casting and stamping code indicate a '72 455 4-barrel with manual transmission...
Sorry I should have added 300HP rating above. Ask Butler what the SH means.
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After you sell this car, please tell the new owner about this forum and suggest they join.
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SH might have been put on there by someone that had done work on the block.Tom
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Thanks all for the help. After some suggestions here and some thinking, I believe Butler stamped the owner's initials into the block - hence the SH.
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