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Need help choosing a torque converter for my 72 formula build.

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Hi everyone I recently had my 400 built to about 400hp at around a 10 to 1 compression. 62 heads ported and valve job with roller rockers and all that block was bored .30 over. The cam card was lost so I'm not sure exactly which one it is but it is a comp cam with 480 lift 232 in and 237 ex. Rear was rebuilt with a 373 posi. 400 turbo trans was just rebuilt also with shift kit. So the question that is currently driving me nuts is what torque converter to go with. My engine guy told me to go with between 2000 and 2500 and I'm am just looking for some more opinions. Someone else also recommended a 2800 stall. Is there a certain brand I should go with? This is my first build and don't know much about these things and want to make sure I do it right. I would also like to know what a good tire size would be for my 15 x 7 honeycombs. Also with the engine being on the high compression end I want to make sure the cooling system is as good as It can be. Could someone give me a recommendation for a good fan clutch? Thanks for the help. I have been working on this car for 5 years and trying to stockpile all the parts I need to finish it this winter then come spring I will assemble everything.
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Thanks for a the links ponyakr I would like to go with the continental but that is just way out of my price range rite now. Just looking for something reliable I guess I will take my chances with jegs or summit. I wasn't sure if there was certain brands I should stay away from? My engine builder recommended a Saturday night special converter
"... I wasn't sure if there was certain brands I should stay away from?..."

I bought a B&M Holeshot, that didn't stall any more than stock, that I could tell. Also, I and others have had bad experiences with TCI products. :(

Unless you're making some serious power, I think one of the cheap 10" units will work.

"...My engine builder recommended a Saturday night special converter..."

The TCI Saturday Night Special is a 12", that, according to the Summit site, only has 2000rpm stall.

I don't think a 12" converter is worth buying. They just won't stall enuff to help much. :no

"...I guess I will take my chances with jegs or summit..."
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I'd stay away from the cheap torque converters. I believe Yank has a line of street converters that is priced less than the Continental. Yank has an excellent reputation.

Just checked the Yank website. Their stealth thruster 2800 converter is $495. Comes with 2 year warranty.
What about the hughes converters? I read some good reviews about them.
I endet up with converters from EDGE, for a 5.9L grand cherokee and for a 380hp thirdgen, top notch converters and still in service after many years of severe duty/abuse.

The B&M converter would have been ok for stock application and the two high $$$ converters form PATC were rubbish, they stalled almost 1000rpm higher then advertised, this was a long time ago though.
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