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Music starts playing when car door is opened

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Hi guys. I had this idea where when I open my cars door, a light would be on the ground with a text "Bird is the word", and at the same time the song Surfin' Bird would start playing.

Is it possible to have a certain song play every time the cars door is open (pretty much same method, as when you open the door and the interior light turns on).

Here's an example of the logo light I'm planning.

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I've seen small electronic devices that use programmable chip technology. They have a small amp and speaker built in. If you do searches of the web, you might find a company that will program your specific song onto a device that is activated by the door switches on your car.

You will probably have to do many searches using different key words to find what your looking for.

Sorry that I can't give a actual site to get what you want.
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