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Morimoto LED headlight flickering

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Couple months ago I bought a pair of Morimoto XB bi-LED headlights for my 94 TA. They use an H4 headlight connector, so I had to buy H4 pigtails and replace the factory headlight connectors.

For those unfamiliar with these headlights, they use 2 projector beams, and then 2 LEDs on each side for the high beams.
When I have the low beams on, my high beam indicator on the dash is dimly lit, and the 4 high beam LEDs dimly flicker only on the driver side headlight.
I have used a new wire to ground the headlight bucket to the header panel, and my wiring connections from the new pigtail to the factory headlight harness are clean and solid.

I tried running a ground wire directly from the battery to the ground wire on the headlight harness with no change. If the car is not running, the lights work fine. As soon as it is running, the flickering starts.

Any ideas where else to go from here? I even tried wiring in an inline resistor I had for some LED signals and that didn’t do anything either. It’s annoying at night having one headlight that looks like a strobe light.

I also have the matching Morimoto fog lights with no issues and all of my other lights on the car work normally.
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Come to the conclusion it is a defective headlight assembly. If I switch sides, the other headlight works fine on driver and passenger side, and the flickering one flickers on both sides.
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