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Missing Cowl tag

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How can I determine factory paint color without the cowl tag. I have VIN number. The guys at the body shop are trying to match it as closely as possible, but I need exact color code. I have a 1976 Firebird Formula.
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What colour is it? May be best matching inside doors or somewhere not faded. The buildsheet would also say, if you had one. Many of the older colours, even if you knew what it was, need to be mixed custom.
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My 76 has no cowl tag either. Lucky for me that car still had most of the #37 cordovan maroon paint still on her.

Most people who change colors leave under the underside of roof original, as it's a pita to get to.
If you get totally stuck, there is always the PHS documents. Of course they aren't free. But will have everything you need to know.
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