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Member Recognition September 2010 Gene, "72 Blackbird"

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Folk's Want to Take a Moment to Recognize and Express our Appreciation to Firebird Nation Member

Gene! "72Blackbird"

Gene has been a member since January 29/2008 and is a FBNCC member!

Gene's profile shows 739 forum posts but what it doesn't show is the 8 million shoutbox posts answering everyone's engine questions about problems and rebuild advice.

One of the very best and nicest guys on Firebird Nation!

Please join us in our Vote and Express your Appreciation for FBN Member of the Month! Gene, "72Blackbird"

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Very well deserved recognition, Gene! I always enjoy our shoutbox conversations as well as the advice you give along with your extensive Pontiac knowledge. Truly a class act and a valuable resource here on FBN.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts