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Member Recognition March 2010 Larry "79/6.6'

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Folk's Want to Take a Moment to Recognize and Express our Appreciation to Firebird Nation Member

Larry '79/6.6'

Larry has been an FBN member since July 1/2008.

Larry is always there to help in the forum's and has made many info posts especially dealing with electrical issues.

Member of the FBNCC Tennesse and is the TN. Chapter Officer!

Just a Great Guy who loves Firebird's and helping others enjoy them!

Here is a bit about Larry from his profile:

"Ok, for what it is worth. I live in Tennessee, and was born in Madrid, Spain. I have worked in the electrical power distribution field for right at 30 years.

I have had a love for Firebirds, since my high school years. I was given a firebird for graduation in the 70's. My love affair, with these cars, still endures today. Through the years, I have had a 74, 77, 78, 79, 81, 83, 85, 94, and currently own a 79.

I travel alot in relation to my work, so the majority of my time off, is spent traveling down dirt roads wherever I happen to be working, looking for the NEXT bird.

I used to play in a band years ago, but I gave it up, in order not to end up somewhere I did not want to go. I am in my downhill side of my 40's, but my little pea sized brain sometimes thinks like it is still 22.

As I get older, I have come to realize that the best things in life are, family, friends, memories, and a drive in your bird, on a Sunday evening, as the sun goes down. My only other passion as strong as the one I have for Firebirds, is sports, especially college football. Now if I could find a woman that liked Firebirds, college football, and would let me be boss at least once every six month's I would have it made.

But alas, no such luck.

At any rate, I lurked on several sites, before I settled here. I lurked here for almost 6 month's, making sure this is where I wanted to be. I have enjoyed being here, with so many great people, and great minds. This site is like a tonic for me, and I can truly say, it is the BEST FAMILY oriented site for Firebird owners, bar none. Not much else to me, so I will leave it at this. Have a great day, and WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!"

Folk's Please join us in our Vote and Express your Appreciation for FBN Member of the Month! Larry!
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Congrats Larry. Well deserved.
CONGRATS!! Well deserved. Always great input and commentary. Good to have you here.
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Congrats man, i'm pretty sure you've piped up in pretty much every post I've made.
I appreciate it.
Congratz Larry,

Well deserved!!
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I couldn't agree more with this as Larry has been a great addition to the FBN and FBNCC Family. He was able to help found the TN chapter of the FBNCC and has been a major contributor (both financially and educationally) to FBN. I look forward to watching the TN Chapter take off and turn into another active FBNCC Chapter. Way to go Larry, you definitely deserve this.
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Congrats Larry on being Member of the month.
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Congrats Larry! Always very detailed posts. Much appreciated.

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Hey Larry,

Here's to you for the Member Recognition of the Month.

I know if I read your post I will always be getting my moneys always leave no detail left unsaid.

Thanks for all the FBN posts and comments from the past 19 months.

And heck, how can you not like a guy who loves Firebirds, College Football and tailgating too!
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Congrats Larry! You deserve this very much! Thank you for all of your invaluable help!
Congrats Larry, your posts always provide great info.
Congrats Larry. Thank you for all of your time spent helping all of us.
Congrats Larry.
I appreciate the way you have stepped up and took a leadership role in FBN as well as FBNCC.

You are proof positive as to what kind of member we desire to have with us, working hard towards making the site ,as well as the Club, a first rate place that people will want to take part in.

Thanks for all that you do for us, and all that you contribute.
The quality of FBN improved 10 fold with you being here!
Congrats Larry!!!
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Friends, what does one say to all this? I really have never thought of myself in such a manner. I love being here with all you wonderful folks. I love the information, and knowledge I myself have learned here. There are many, many people here who are so knowledgeable about Firebirds, I really don't see why anyone would go anywhere else for information. For me being here on this site, and being part of the Tennessee chapter, is like a calming medicine to my mind. I come onsite, and forget everything else, except Firebirds. It is such a great feeling to be here with so many others of you that have the same passion for these wonderful cars. A very humble "Thankyou" to all of you!!! I am very proud to be a part of FBN, and FBNCC.
Holy cow Larry! I think the member recognition was waaaayyy past due! I have been watching your posts with the utmost satisfaction and with resolve to how great you are to all of the members on FBN. Your character is reflexive to a dynamic personality and your ample patience in helping the most challenged member seems to be fluid and precise to their needs.

Congratulations Larry ... well deserved!
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Well done, Larry. Congratulations!
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