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I have for over 2 years read "doc's" posts. Often I have wondered, how a man of such intellect, could so easily and simply answer a post in a way that a child could under stand. I summized that, it must be the 1000's of patients he must have seen through the years, that has given him this exceptional skill.
Then after reading the post he made further up this thread, I came to realize that he is the kind of person he is, because he CARES!!! Every physician knows the following statement................" As to diseases, make a habit of two things, to help, or at least do no harm." Hippocrates - The Epidemics.

When it was first discovered about my status as a physician, I had acquired over 490 emails on a variety of health issues. So, when I asked Bob for more email or message space, he greatly appreciated the fact that this was a service I was performing specifically for members of FBN. I will continue to do these favors for all of you and your information will always be held in the strictest confidence.

Few, and I mean few, would any doctor perform this service, considering the liability, and how many people in this world are non appreciative.

My humblest apologies for being absent most of this year. The Medical Command has given me a new task to lead a team of neuro scientist and assisting medical centers across the world in overseeing the operation and building of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Centers. This task would facilitate the processing and treatment of thousands of soldiers and civilians with TBI symptoms and associated care given to family members as well while staying with their soldier.

And here I sit, trying to bring a little bit of order to my life, categorize my priorities, and silently complain to myself about my absence from FBN for the last 45 day's or so. Sometimes in our lives, we get so caught up in ourselves, we forget that often times, the need of the many, is greater than the need of the one. "DOC" has not forgotten this. This is what makes him an exceptional physician, husband, father, person, and member of this site.
I am proud to call Doc my friend, and fellow FBN'er. I have never spoken to Doc, nor have I ever met him in person. This fact, however wil not deter me from admiring the man and his charachter.
These are deserved testaments to you Doc, from your FBN family. Congratulations.
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