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Member Recognition June 2010 "Doc Smith"

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Folk's, Please join us in recognizing FBN member "DOC SMITH"

Doc has been a member since January 10/2005 and with 5299 active posts he has been there for all of us at one time.

Here is a bit from Doc's bio on FBN,

"Have many interests and hobbies but my Top Five are Family, Firebird (79), Friends (New ones too), My Bike (Peace and Quiet), and Model Railroading.

We often take life for granted and I choose to live mine like today is the last day."

Well spoken from a truly fantastic gentleman!

Congrats Doc on being Firebird Nations Member of the Month!!!!!
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Family, Firebird, Friends, Bike and Model Railroading =

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Congratz Doc!!!

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Doc . A well deserved title! Thank you for all your contributions and making this site what it is today.

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I've had the pleasure to speak with Doc on a couple of occasions and know 1st hand at how wonderful of a person he is!
Thanks for being a part of all our lives Doc!
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I have known Doc for many years online and still haven't had the chance to meet him yet! I remember we were going to have an ask the doc radio show at one time, but it never materialized, but I still think it would have been a very popular radio show. Doc has been a major part of FBN from the start, from participating in all the Brother Rat radio shows and chats to the every day functioning of the site. Congrats Doc, you deserve this recognition and I hope you and are family are doing well.
I don't know Doc well, but from my personal experience, he has always been a real nice guy here on FBN. Well deserved. Congrats, Doc!
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Congrats Doc! Have enjoyed your wonderful insight the year I've been here.
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congrats Doc.
Thank you guys for who you all are. Without your participation in FBN's 'Best Internet Site' in the world, we would be equivalent to a much less boring party. And who wants to be boring? FBN represents every single member here with ideological methods and just shy of being a great democracy. I am proud to be a member and to have a place here at FBN.

Some History:

When Bob first brought up the idea of me being on a radio program answering medical questions, I was a bit smitten by the fact that I would be speaking to all of you through a live microphone and telephone. When my patients come to me for treatment, I try to give the very best care I can, of course, I have many tools at my disposal to assist my patients. Now, to try to do this live with none of these tools, well, you might as well be diagnosing a cars problem without a manual or tools. Not difficult to do but risky. Then I thought, what a minute, this show could be about staff adventures within the medical community either I have personally experienced or other doctors and I could turn the tables on the members and educate them on health issues, etc. By then, our Beloved Pete had passed on and the concept was put on hold. Not Pete or Bob's fault, I just took too long to make up my mind. But I thank all of you for the opportunity of inviting me into your thoughts, your hearts, and those strange methods of sound data processing which I will probably never understand.

When it was first discovered about my status as a physician, I had acquired over 490 emails on a variety of health issues. So, when I asked Bob for more email or message space, he greatly appreciated the fact that this was a service I was performing specifically for members of FBN. I will continue to do these favors for all of you and your information will always be held in the strictest confidence.

The community here is wonderful. You all have supported me in lifting spirits of injured soldier's, given me small mementos of appreciation for their services, and giving soldiers and probably hundreds of medical staff a reason to laugh and realize the world 'is a better place'. A very successful endeavor we should all be proud of. Not to mention the monumental ideas received while helping high school kids enjoying the realization of racing without the dangers of 'street racing'.

My humblest apologies for being absent most of this year. The Medical Command has given me a new task to lead a team of neuro scientist and assisting medical centers across the world in overseeing the operation and building of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Centers. This task would facilitate the processing and treatment of thousands of soldiers and civilians with TBI symptoms and associated care given to family members as well while staying with their soldier.

My family, they are the reason of my existence. All of my kids are grown now and looking to start their lives through one method are another (marriage, apartment life, college, etc) and I wish them all of the success they will need to pursue happiness. The wife and I can sit back and reflect on our accomplishments, spoil grandchildren at our every opportunity, and enjoy senior life together.

Thanks again guys! But I have to admit, behind every successful person is a great staff of people who deserve all of the recognition. I keep all of you close to my heart and in my prayers as well.
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Congrats Doc. Thanks for all you do, both professionally and here on FBN.
very well deserved! congrats, doc! we really need more physicians like you, who are truly passionate about what they do. glad to have you with us, and again, congratulations
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Congrats Doc.
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