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I have an 81 Z28 and am researching suspension packages. Car will be used for street use, autocross and I may eventually track the car but not competitively. I have 18" wheels, thus not much sidewall and car has a small block with aluminum head, intake and fiberglass hood. Ride quality is important but I understand, and will accept, some reduction in quality for improved handling. If everything is designed and works correctly, the ride should be firm but not harsh.

I'm interested in PTFB products, but some folks have stated the ride is harsh. Some have even described some odd characteristics with the car bouncing uncontrollably (see this: what shocks with PTFB GT kit?).

I saw a post here and looks like user NOT A TA recently purchased a PTFB kit, so if he can respond, that would be great. Post: 71' Suspension Upgrade

I know shocks make a big difference in ride quality and maybe some of the PTFB shocks are just not a good match.

Any actual real world feedback is appreciated!
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