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While the L98 was used in some 3rd Gen Firebirds, I'm not sure this is the best place to get engine performance assistance. 90% of the nitty gritty engine build info is related to Pontiac engines, which bear no relationship to the Chevy SBC. Some of us have done a lot of work with the LT1 engine, but that's a Gen 2 SBC, and there are significant differences in the induction (intake manifold and heads in particular) that changes the approach to performance.

I would strongly suggest:

Excellent site for performance info related to the L98.

I also spend a lot of time on but that site has deteriorated to the point where it is 99% LT1 based, with virtually no "regulars" to field the L98 questions. And, I would think that a Corvette website would be more useful, because of the space limitations under the Corvette hood.

Obviously, you are welcome to post here, and maybe we'll get lucky and someone with significant expertise in the L98 will chime in.

Question is going to be - what level of HP are you looking for? You can probably get 400-450HP out of the L98 without an irrational level or effort - Vortec heads, a decent intake (the L98 intake is great for low end torque, but falls flat on it's face above 4,000 RPM), an aggressive cam, cold air intake, headers, quality dual exhaust, good ECM tune. Above that, the "power adder" makes sense. But you can't just start bolting high boost on that engine without beefing up the rotating assembly. So it comes down to how much HP, and how many $$$$$? I'm partial to nitrous.... :D

With the 700R4 you need to consider a high stall torque converter and a higher numerical rear axle ratio.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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