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In-line fuel filter recommendations?

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I have a 1969 Firebird that has been sitting awhile. Would not start - wasn't getting gas to the Carburetor.

I hooked a mechanical vacuum pump (not electric - don't want to explode myself) to the line at the carburetor and can pull gas from the tank but it runs right back (parked on a slight incline) when the vacuum is let go so the check valve in the pump is bad.

Ordered new pump as old one is 15-20 YO and pre-ethanol anyway. But I noticed sediment in the capture jar in front of my vacuum pump so I would like to add a fuel filter in front of the mechanical fuel pump to protect the pump (and also the tiny filter in the carburetor would fill up quickly I suspect).

So any suggestions for an in-line filter, please?


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NAPA 3033 or Wix 33033 is what I've always used.

NAPA stores, Summit, Ebay, Amazon, and most other parts suppliers sell one or the other. :smile22:

I always removed the inlet filter and used one of these in front of the carb. Those Q-jet inlet threads are too easy to strip, and cause leaks. So, I removed the filter and sealed the inlet permanently. :yes

Below is a couple of pics of the Wix filter, on my current bracket engine.


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Yeah that metal ones on mine before the edelbrok Carb, usually I use the clear plastic though with paper element so you can see the fuel and sediment
I would not use plastic in case of a engine fire.Just me.Tom
Use the metal, not plastic or glass.
Thank you all for the suggestions.

I got the Wix one which is metal.

I was concerned about using a plastic one for the reasons mentioned.

Will I have problems getting fuel to the pump if I put it before the fuel pump, rather than after?

I want to keep tank junk from getting into the fuel pump and clogging the check valve.

Thanks again,

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I've never had a problem with them installed between tank and mechanical pump. Wix are good.
Since my motor is out for rebuild I've been researching this very topic. My '67 only had the tank sock filter, and with a fresh motor I was wanting a bit of an upgrade.

I picked up a Robb Mc mechanical fuel pump and he recommends a high flow filter if it is between the tank and pump and a regular filter from pump to carb.

Here is the info from the instructions -

"Fuel Filters: A filter between the tank and the pump is not required if the factory in-tank filter sock is still in use. If the in-tank filter sock has been removed (which is a good idea in most cases), a large, free flowing (90 to 200 micron) filter such as RobbMc PN 1024 or 1025 should be used. One or more additional filters (30 to 50 micron) should be used between the pump and the carb(s). "
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