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ILL chapter of FBNCC?

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Anyone interested in getting a Chpter going?
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Go ahead takeover Bill. Damn ! too bad you guys arent close to Chicago, but I would be willing to come to Springfield.quote name='cwi inspector' timestamp='1291158547' post='588206']
Maybe we need to move it to southern Illinois. i know a few people who might be interested.s
Where is Electrobrandino ? Just how many active people we got ? Just askin
i also live in near chicago. i live in merrionette park { its by evergreen park, oaklawn,alsip. I havent heard much of anything going on for this chapter. I know theres not a lack of people, i just think a lack of leadership. Maybe someone dedicated can get things going. It would be nice to meet someone of you that live around here. I guess now its a wait.
I live in Morgan Park, which is literally 5 minutes from you. Go ahead take the Bull by the horns and I will support you
Im responding so this topic can hopefully pick up steam, and maybe just maybe one person with time decides to head up a Chicago Chapter.
thanks for the vote of confidence. Ill be honest though, i wouldnt have enough time to dedicate to being head of a chapter. I hope someone does come along and has the time and everything to get the IL chapter up and going and keep it going the right way. I hope to see some responses or something from other people in IL [ mainly around chicago land area] about this. Seems like IL chapter and participation is dead right now.
I will support anyway possible, I am on the southside.
I am in Bensenville and would love to see a chapter started up
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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