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I got my 95 trans am a couple weeks ago and already looking for parts...
Found a lot of stuff on hot performance but I just couldn't see myself paying $899 for a set of tail lights. My passenger side one that's a pretty significant crack around the corner of it and a couple big fat chips out of the top... I looked on eBay just for the one light on the driver side but didn't really see anything that matched... I said what the heck and started looking on Craigslist last night and found this pair of 98 to 2002 set for 200 bucks...
There's put a few scratches that I'm hoping I can buy for polish out and one of the retaining posts is broken but I'm pretty sure I could repair that....
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Mcguires selss a plastic polish. That will take the scratches out. You can also use their headlight kit to clean fogged up headlight lenses.
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