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I tried my luck on my Bridgeport this week to modify the plenum and do a RA 4 port and gasket match the HO aluminum intake I found on EBay. I purchased this intake a month ago and someone did some grinding on it to start. I was able to fixture it in the mill and modify the plenum to accept either a Holley or Q jet. It still would require an adapter for the larger bolt pattern the Holley has but the plenum would be a straight shot instead of the tapper that the cheaper adapters have. Also it increases the plenum volume some which Jim hands book shows an increase in power. Not sure how well it well work but it was a fun project any way. I was able to make a fixture to hold the intake at 90 deg to use a long 3/4" ball nose end mill to get the runners enlarged to the RA 4 gasket size and inline with the ports on my new heads.

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