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1980 Firebird ('77 TA Clone) Pontiac 400
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Time to work on my welding skills!

For having a relatively rust-free body, the interior got the short end of the stick for sitting outside with leaky windows for too many years (it wasn't me, I just got the car!).

After pulling the seats, center console, and carpet...
Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive exterior

and then the dash...

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

Looks like someone previously patched the driver and passenger footwells but either didn't prep them correctly or didn't see what was causing them to rust in the first place....

Driver footwell:

Tire Automotive tire Tread Wood Wheel

Passenger footwell:

Fluid Automotive exterior Automotive tire Gas Composite material

Hello outside (closeup of passenger footwell)!

Brown Wood Trunk Formation Tints and shades

The only other really bad spot is the rear passenger seat area. That's gonna need to be patched up.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Paint Wood Tints and shades

Wish me luck! I've only done some relatively ugly welds on my lawn tractor a few times with a Harbor Freight welder.
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