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Hey folks my 77 firebird has a 305 stamped gm 5.0lg and canada. Casing has 14010203 which the Internet tells me is a sad 2 bolt main from 80 to 84

The question is how do I go about getting parts and compatible additions for this?
So far it's been find gm 305 things and hope it fits.
I don't eveneed know which oil to put in it or how much (wrong dipstick in it now)
So trying to do get parts is difficult because I can't figure out how to ask someone for it, they always want the make or model of a car that it may have come out of but I can't find any cars with this engine installed .
My heater core is bypassed and plugged at block so I'm also trying to order the fitting needed for that but can't figure out how !
Also the carb on it (quadrajet) has a lot of hoses plugged up so I can't tell if lack of performance is sad motor or improper vacuum hose connections.

Any ideas on what to do with this or what oil and capacity And filter it needs?
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