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Firebird Trans Am Pricing?

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I'm new to the forum... I'm looking to buy a red convertible trans am. It has 67,500 miles and seems to be in very good condition. Is there any common problems with the 2002 year of trans ams? What should I expect for a decent price? They have a listing as 13,500 and Kelly blue book is only saying its worth 9,300. It's black leather interior and seems to have the firehawk model hood. I don't think it's a firehawk though.

What should be a reasonable price to ask?
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2002 is now a 14 year old car. So you need to make sure there isn't much if any rust. Spend some time under it. Look for leaks and signs of accident damage. Check bushings and so forth.

These cars are pretty reliable so as long as everything is in good shape, I would say its worth up to 11,500.. that's my guess. again this is on a car that is near perfect inside, out and under. So talking a very top end car and that being very top dollar.
Make sure you examine the top with it up. A good replacement top with installation can get kinda pricey.
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