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Fiberglass bumper

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Avoid Stinger Fiberglass....I have been trying to purchase a fiberglass front bumper from Classic Industries for the last year and a half for my second gen pro touring build. The car started as a 1981 shell that is being converted to a small flush fit back glass with a ton of metal work to the car. I couldn't wait anymore for the bumper and I started to make a mold of my 73 enduro bumper to make my own bumper. I then found a company called Stinger Fiberglass, and purchased a bumper from them, what a mistake, it is by far the worst reproduction part I've ever wasted my money on. The shipping was fast and the packaging was great, when I first looked at it it was thin and I figured it was going to need work to install, I added material (fiberglass cloth) to the edges to make a lip to attach to the fenders. I bolted it to the car, then stepped back to look at it and I noticed that the center beam of the bumper was twisted, the drivers side grill cut out was 90 degrees and the passenger side was way off. I will either have to make a mold of my center section and lay it up or buy a Classic Industries. I've sent an e-mail to Stinger but no response. So avoid thaem.


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Glad you got it to work, funny you say Ecklers, my bumper was purchased from Stinger but came in an Eckler box. I wonder if you order from Ecklers and Stinger drop ships? It looks like Ray Charles trimmed mine.
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