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Door Tweeter Not Playing

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My passenger door tweeter does not have any sound coming out of it. The regular speaker in the door is working fine. I'll be taking the tweeter out and trying it on the driver's side tomorrow, but assuming that it doesn't work on either side does that mean I need to replace the tweeter? I've read that the inline filter goes bad on the tweeters, but I have no idea how to check that or replace it. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
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There is a capacitor that acts as a high pass filter on the backside of the tweeter magnet.

You will need to remove the door panel in order to get the tweeter out. It's screwed into a metal plate that sits in the tweeter "pod." General Motors also affixes the tweeters to the plate with an adhesive.

What appear to be filters for the midranges in the service manual are likely inductors, which are wired in parallel to the capacitors and are actually second order passive crossovers for the tweeters. The 1992-1995 Grand Am/Skylark/Achieva component door speakers are wired similarly.
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