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Cut wires?

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Anybody think of a reason why these two wires were cut underneath my driver's seat? I was just taking it out so I could look at my inherited alarm that I have no remote for...
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I don't have a wiring diagram in front of me, but based upon my experience those are the power (contsant) and ground wires for the seat track motor. Like Tony said, I'm not sure why anyone would cut them, instead of just unplug the connector. Do you have a Power Probe, by chance? I'd be curious to see if there is a problem with the seat track.

Sometimes people do stupid stuff. 🤷‍♂️
Okay sorry I just got back to this I got the alarm hooked up. It was pretty much a no-brainer for that as the old alarm had the same identical wires is the new alarm and just really had to plug in the main harness and splice in the wires that were already there. The relays for the door locks were already in place so again it wasn't too difficult.
I'll go ahead and put my light probe on those wires down on the floorboard and see if they get any juice..
Yeah I like the idea that somebody may have shoved something under there broke them but they're pretty rough breaks..
Yes that orange wire was hot I trimmed down some of my shrink wrap solder butt connectors and did a little repair. Looks like it may be for the air pump that runs the lumbar bags..
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Good news on that wire the pump now seems to work not that I checked it before LOL but I don't think it would have! LOL good news and bad news though the sides squeeze in on you but when you press the other one which I believe is for the lumbar it doesn't do anything. Likely have to check and see if maybe the line has a crack in it or something... Or I don't know maybe the bag is blown...
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Yes it's nice to have everything working...
But I still have a number of things still to do..
I'll update my "getting started" thread with the particulars...
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