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my firebird has coolant in the oil. it has the 3800 s2 v6 with a metal plenum. if it has the metal plenum, is there still a possibility that the intake gasket could be bad? i was looking at new gaskets and found that the series 2 had 2 different intake plenums and gaskets for the plenums. this is the one for the metal plenum->
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and this is the one for the plastic plenum->
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i know that the egr exhaust port is what causes the problem but since the firebird has a different plenum does that still cause it?

1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, LT1 5.7L V8
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Regardless of the plenum construction, the 3800 Series II is known for intake manifold gasket leaks, among other engine sealability issues. (The plastic plenums are definitely worse than the metal ones, but they still leak.) Have you performed a combustion leak (or "block") test to determine whether the head gasket is at issue yet? Is the car overheating?
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