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come say " Sup Y'all"

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Who else is from Louisiana?
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Oh, looks like I am...LOL

Northeast Louisiana...
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Cool got three people from Louisiana. Whats up people.
Am still here
new member in la.....Youngsville View attachment 22006
Welcome guys.
i see this is a really, really old topic but its the only one, so im from gretna LA, right out side of New Orleans, sup............
Welcome Brandon its great to get another cajun here!!
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I know this is old, but I'm lookin for people down here too. My name is Chris, currently living in New Orleans. Any clubs down here either?
Guess I'll chime in on the old post also.. Southeast Louisiana. A little place called Talisheek.. About 30 minutes from everywhere( meaning Slidell, Mandeville, Covington.. etc.. about necro-posting! hello, its 2012!

you guys must still be using smoke signals & morris code to get on the interwebs out there on the bayou
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I heard that.. But its digital smoke signals and some creole seasoning now.. just joined today and saw that there is nothing goin on in here..
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Hay I'm from down the bayou. let me know if ya'll still here. we can git together and have a crawfish boil and talk cars. joined 6 days ago.
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Old post i know but whatever, I'm a Scout in the US Army and I'm stationed at Ft Polk.
He doesn't drive an lt1 any more. He has an 2002 LS1 Camaro.
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