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Depends who you're thinking of.

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JJ, ummm, something or other. Think his screenname was 74SD455? Been a while.
There was a moderator, (a woman, think it was Layla?) whose avatar was a 70 Formula, Blue....
And then there was Paul, who had an 82 FB, that he put a 301T in it.
Just thinkin out loud, right now. Not even sure if they were on this forum.
My avatar, shows a 301T, and I'm finally getting around to putting it into my 84 T/A, with a T5. Not sure about the interest here in such a swap. I'm posting it over at brand X. But I could do something here too, if it hasn't already been done.

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Welcome back

I'm still here.

Yes you can always post your swap details here. All knowledge is good. Never know when someone may pop in looking for that exact info.
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