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Cant find 97 firebird ABS motor kit

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I have a 1997 Pontiac firebird and having difficulty sourcing the motor kit brk press mod vavle part number 18024454. Everywhere I look it says it is discontinued and cannot even find any aftermarket part for that. Does anyone know of a vendor online that can source these discontinued gen 4 parts online.

Thanks for any help
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I put Pontiac and copied and pasted that part number and got this.. whatever it is????..
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Thanks for the response, I ran into this website as well when I was looking for the part. All it told me was that it was discontinued. The part and diagram shown on website are not the part Im looking for though.
Sounds like the large, metal ABS motor pack assembly just to the left of motor, on the side of the left inner fender. I believe there are two different versions - one for ABS only (3-channel), and another for ABS+TCS (4-channel, option NW7 traction control).

Also suspect that the only place you will find it is at a salvage yard or used on eBay. A lot of the hard core drag racers deleted the system, so a “parts wanted“ listing on popular 4th Gen Camaro/Firebird sites like this might work. Appears it also was used on the B-Body cars - Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster, and a couple other GM vehicles:

Thanks for the response. i have been to several junkyards with no luck. I did find one on ebay but it was a two channel one they sent me not the three channel one I am looking for, i have abs but no tc. I will ask around on this forum and see if anyone has one. is the part number the same for those other GM vehicles? Might try to look into rhat option as well.
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