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I'm looking in too a 96 Formula Firebird 5.7 long tube headers, with 3in exhaust , cam, 150 HP wet shot of nitrous, 4 10 gears with superior axles, new front and rear struts , Brakes, tires ,nice car.. really nice .
My question is it worth buying w 4 10 gears of I wanna drive daily & cruze? Probably won't be using the nitrous
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Don't confuse the 1994-2002 T56 (2.66:1 1st gear) with the 1993's two T56 options, RPO "M28" 3.36:1 first gear, or "M29" 2.97:1 first gear. The 93's would turn into stump pullers with 4.11's.
Before YouTube existed, there was an auto-centric video sharing website called StreetFire.Net. There was a guy I was subscribed to with a "bolt-ons" '93/M29 and 4.11's. His thing was completing the 1/4 before an import could cover the 1/8th. Never got old watching the import start from halfway up the strip, only to be passed in the last second by the T/A. ...good times!
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