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I am looking to sell my 1967 Firebird convertible. The car is currently not running. I'm looking for a website with information on how much it is worth.

Plum mist with black interior and roof

400 numbers matching engine

TH400 - not original

87,000 miles

rear antenna

bucket seats

front disc brakes

aluminum desert cooler radiator

flex a lite black magic fan

front disc brakes

replaced the brake lines and gas tank recently

Rally IIs

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You left out a lot of info for making an assessment of your car's value.

Engine doesn't run, but does it need a complete rebuild or even a new engine.

What does interior look like. Has it been eaten by small animals, is it complete and in decent shape.

How about the top and it's frame. Are they good or does it need a new $2000 top frame to make it good.

Then the body, is it a solid rust free car. Or is it a rusting hulk that will cost $30,000 to restore.

All of these things are important on determining a price. There's more, but I just gave the highlights.
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