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Best overall Trans-cooler for 2000 Firebird

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So as the winter months roll in i'm considering putting in a Transmission Cooler into my Firebird for next summer, mainly because of Texas heat.

My question is specifically, What Trans Coolers are the best suited to the T5, and is it really worth it?
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Transmission cooler is really good on the car engine. I have one on my 2001 bird, and yeah it's worth it. I got mines installed when I got a my tranny rebuilt w/ a transgo shift kit.
Most any good brand of cooler will do the job. The thing about trans coolers is they make many different sizes depending on vehicle weight and towing capacity. I suggest going with a cooler that is a step or 2 bigger than your car's weight class. It's the German in me wanting to over engineer.

And buy one that is thermostat controlled. That way the cooler doesn't allow trans fluid through it until fluid temp has warmed up sufficiently. This will allow for winter use without over cooling the trans fluid.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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