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Every true car enthusiast wants to get maximum performance while driving. To get the performance car you want, with the right stance and better handling, acceleration and braking, you'll have to modify your stock car, and there's no better improvement you can make than installing a lowering kit.

When you install a lowering kit, you'll "lose the gap" and get the lower, more aggressive stance that you want. A lowering kit will work with the factory tires and wheels, but it will be perfect when combined with a Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheel and tire package. Besides making your car look better, a lowering kit will also make it perform better.

We'd like to draw your attention into Belltech Lowering Kits. Belltech offers coilover front lowering kits designed for the enthusiast who wishes to enhance the performance and looks of their light vehicle. It is available for the Pontiac Firebird 1993-2002.

Belltech® - Coilover Lowering Kit


Kits include two front coilovers with adjustable or pre-set damping, and come with or without rear shock absorbers. Front coilovers in all kits can be lowered manually by up to 3".

Buy any participating Belltech complete lowering kit with shocks and get $150 mail-in rebate. Don't miss your chance! Offer is valid through July 31st, 2015.


Isn't it nice to know you may get a few more miles per gallon when you're just cruising?
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